Visit the Moose park!


At Cape Wild we have at the moment three lovely moose, Zigge and Zebbe, who are our two lovely young bulls, and Zaga, who is a young female and also our newest member. 

They all were born in may 2017 and Zigge & Zebbe came to the park at september 2017, and Zaga came here at late august 2018.

But she has quickly adapted to the two youngsters, and hopefully we will have some small baby moose in the near future.


They all are really friendly, and loves to be petted and fed with some snacks.


If you like to meet our moose together with others, or have an exclusive visit all by yourself, you can read more below and also book directly.

We also keep our souvenirshop open for our guests. There is also possible too book lunch or dinner in advance if you are a group. We almost only use just the local ingredients you can find in the surroundings, and special for our part of the country.

Please contact us if you can´t find a time that suits your needs, maybe we can help?


On our Facebook and Instagram pages we will advertise the days when we have drop-in, or other activities! And we will be glad if you follow and/or like us, so you can take part of our happenings and progress.


We are of course proudly members of the Swedish Moose park association.