Cape Wild is a new, fresh and unique attraction in the heart of Swedish Lapland!

A Wildlifepark that focus on tourists, activities, dogtraining, conference, accomodation, hunting and local food.

We are still under construction, but with many parts ready for our guests.


The moosepark is open only for prebooked visits. Here you can come and meet our tame moose Zebbe, Zigge & Zaga, and if you are lucky maybe you get a glimpse of Gunwald, our big wildboar, or some of his friends. Read more at Moosepark.


We also offer conferences, kick-offs, after works or just a cosy day or afternoon for prebooked groups. Of course with an option with homemade locally produced food as lunch and/or dinner. Please contact us for more information!


Dogtraining on moose or wildboar is open the whole year, and you can book directly on this site.


Please follow our progress at Facebook or Instagram.